Welcome to the most comprehensive, candid, (and most importantly) helpful site for personal finance software reviews! Here you’ll find straightforward reviews of the best personal finance software to help you decide which is the best money management system for you.

I’ve thoroughly explored each of the personal finance software packages that I’ve reviewed and tried to provide you with a clear picture of exactly what each one has to offer. The strengths and the flaws.  The features and the walkthroughs.  The user experience and the screenshots.  It’s all there to make your job of selecting the right budget software as easy as possible.

My Top Pickynab 3

After all my research, I highly recommend the personal finance software that I personally use, YNAB 4.

Its budgeting methodology is better than any I’ve seen.  In addition to being extremely effective, the software itself is fantastic. You can read the review or Try YNAB 4.

What makes good Personal Finance Software?

When reviewing the different options available I constantly ask myself 3 questions:  Is it easy to use? Is it intuitive? And (most importantly) is it effective?  Effectiveness has two components for me:  Results and Time.  More results in an ever decreasing amount of time — that’s the goal.

personalfinancesoftware1The question is, however,  “is it effective at what?”  There are many finance software packages that are effective at consolidating info, giving you reminders, and telling you where your money has gone.  But effective money management, as I see it, is helping you to control and have a plan for  your money (not just knowing where your money is going while you wave it goodbye).

Sadly, many of the solutions in the market (especially the big players) seem to have little to do with helping people get out of debt and save more money, but rather seem more focused on forced upgrades and turning a deaf ear to a large (but largely unsatisfied) userbase.

Good Luck!

I hope the reviews on this site help you in your search for the best personal finance software.  As technology evolves, how we manage our finances is evolving as well.  What we need to ensure is that it evolves in such a way that we have more control over our money, that we’re making wiser decisions, and that we’re reaching our goals.  A good software package should help us do just that.