Personal Finance Software Reviews is a collection of reviews and walkthroughs detailing my experience with a number of different personal finance software applications.   Here’s my story:

My Story

My name is Dustin Aldrich, although I’ve now achieved financial stability and success, I did not start out that way.  Newly married with a baby on the way, I had to learn to stretch every dollar.  Each day I worked an early morning job from 4am to 8am, then attended my accounting classes, and finished up the day working my second job from 4:30 to 11pm.   Those times were tough, and I’ll be honest, my finances were a mess.  However, I learned some very important lessons that have stayed with me and helped me ever since.  I learned the importance of having a budget, and staying out of debt.  I eventually graduated from Boise State University with a BS in accounting, and have since focused my career on helping others manage their money and assets.

I can now proudly say that I have been in the financial industry for over 20 years, working with multiple fortune 100 companies with their financial software, accounting, and IT needs.  This website started out as a way to answer the questions everyone always asked “so how do you manage your personal finances”, or “what financial software do you use at home”.   It has come along way since then, and I enjoy keeping it up to date and posting information that I have found helpful to me and hopefully will be to you.   It is my goal to provide you with the most complete financial software reviews so that you don’t have to spend the countless hours and headaches of deciding which personal finance software will work best for you.

My Personal Recommendation

Now, maybe I’m a bit overconfident, but I think I now have a pretty good picture of what each application on the market has to offer.  So after all my research, whichynab personal finance software do I recommend?  I’ll answer that by telling you what I personally use to manage my family’s  finances: YNAB (You Need a Budget) 4.

YNAB 3 is easy to use, intuitive, and most importantly, it’s effective.  YNAB’s simple, yet innovative budgeting methodology is what sets it apart from the competition in that it focuses you on what you need to do to actually control your finances (rather than the opposite).  See my YNAB 4 review or visit for more details.

A Note on Affiliations

In order to offset the amount of time that I spend on the lengthy reviews, I do attempt to become affiliated with any and all software products that I review. While the commissions are small, it does help to justify the time it takes to add high-quality reviews. I attempt to become affiliated with all products that I review so as to stay unbiased. There are, for example, highly ranked products on the site with which I have no affiliate relationship. In like manner, there are also products with very poor reviews for which I do recieve a small commission.

The small commissions received do not affect my reviews (and their unbiased nature) for two reasons: 1. As a personal rule, I always review the product before I search to see if it has an affiliate program available and 2. Recommending an inferior product (because I receive a commission from a sale) would quickly damage the integrity and credibility of the site. It simply wouldn’t make sense (ethically or financially) for me to do that.

My goal is to provide you the best, most thorough reviews on the web. The small commissions made by the site allow me to spend the time necessary to do that. I hope the site has been helpful! Good luck!!
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