FREE YNAB Pro Giveaway!

ynab-giveaway1sm1This Halloween you could win a FREE copy of YNAB Pro — one of the highest rated budgeting applications on the market.  Enter below for your chance to win YNAB Pro!

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations to David Ganeway for winning the FREE copy of YNAB Pro!  Using, comment #16 was chosen as the winner.  You can see the screenshot of the random number generator here:


The giveaway received a lot of entries, many of which stated an important need and sincere desire to use YNAB.  If you’re one of the many who didn’t win the giveaway, you can still get YNAB Pro (and a free upgrade to YNAB 3 when it’s released) for a great deal:

For those that didn’t win, YNAB is offering a 10% discount for a limited time!

Click here to automatically enter coupon code “pfsr” and receive 10% off of YNAB Pro.

Buy now and save even more if you plan on purchasing YNAB 3:  YNAB 3 will sell for $59.95 when it’s released.  But if you buy YNAB Pro now with the 10% discount, you’ll only pay $44.95.  Since you can upgrade to YNAB 3 for FREE, you’ll save 25% by purchasing YNAB Pro now.

Most users report that they save much, much more in the first month of using YNAB than they spent on the actual software.  And if, for whatever reason, you’re not totally satisfied with YNAB Pro, you can always get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Thanks to all those that entered!

What is YNAB Pro?

YNAB Pro is budgeting software built around the “YNAB Methodology” to help you take control of your money.   The very simple, yet extremely effective, software helps you to focus on the money management tasks that actually make a difference in how you spend, save, and plan for your money.  You can read the full YNAB Pro review here.

How to Enter

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment below stating briefly why you would like to win YNAB Pro or why you think a budget is important.  Be sure to enter your email address in the comment form so I can notify you if you win.

Extra Entries

If you would like, you can also earn extra entries in the contest by doing the following:

  • 1 Extra Entry: For each promotion of this site on a social media website (Twitter, StumbleUpon, digg, Facebook, a forum, etc.).  Simply enter an additional comment for each one and state where you posted it.
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  • 3 Extra Entries: For blogging about this contest and linking to this site.  Be sure to enter 3 additional comments.

Giveaway Details

  1. Each eligible comment below will count as one entry in the giveaway.
  2. The winner will be drawn at random using the comment number.
  3. Winner will be notified by email, so be sure to provide a valid email address.
  4. Deadline: All entries must be submitted by October 30th, 2009 by midnightThe winner will be announced on Halloween day (in the afternoon/evening)! If the winner hasn’t responded within 3 days, we’ll run the selection process again.
  5. The winner will receive YNAB Pro for FREE (a $49.95 value) as well as a FREE upgrade to YNAB 3 when it’s released later this year (2009).

Good luck with the Giveaway!

37 Responses to “FREE YNAB Pro Giveaway!”

  1. kimberlie wade Says:

    i would like to win this software because i currently have lived off an income of less than 24,000.00 annually for the past three years. i just started the first half of my emergency fund and have completed a ten-week financial seminar on money management principles through my church. i’m ready to electronically manage my budget and see things change for me financially. this software would serve as a great tool to accomplish my financial goals and becoming debt-free. thank you, kimberlie wade

  2. Karen Hill Says:

    I would like to win this software because I truly believe it just might help to save my marriage. My husband lost his job in July. We have been living on what we had in savings. It took over 9 weeks for us to receive our first unemployment check. The stress has been unbelievable. On top of my husbands unemployment, I had major surgery August 6, 2009 and have been on medical leave ever since. I keep complaing that we need a budget set up and ENFORCED. It sounds like I am a complaining mother to my husband. I desire a tool that will help us to SEE together where each dollar should go. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Roger G Says:

    I am glad I came across your blog about finance software. I have been searching for some time now for the perfect solution. I came across this YNAB software and have been doing as much research about it as possible. I am now looking to use YNAB for my family budget software. I have tried some other choices and am left without a solution to have good control over a monthly budget. I am tired of seeing where my money went and have tried developing my own tools to TELL my money where to go. I am thrilled to see how the YNAB tools help that process so much! More than any I’ve tried or tried to create! I would love the opportunity to use this amazing software!

  4. Tim B Says:

    I’ve recently been looking for different budgeting methods and software to accompany it. Based on my current situation I found that envelope budgeting would work best for me but I couldn’t find any software that implemented this well enough to benefit me. I often saw YNAB mentioned but never decided to try it until now. With a little bit of trial and error I’ve learned to use it to tailor my budget very well and I love it. I’d love to be able to use this permanently. Thanks.

  5. LM 7 Says:

    Not being able to keep my finances in proper control is one of the main sources of stress in my life. Unfortunately, I never really managed to keep finances under control by creating and adhering to a proper budget – and I truly wish I could. If YNAB would enable me to do this – and based on all the reviews I have seen, it seems that it is the tool best suited towards this aim – this would be a true godsend for me.

  6. Brigitte Srock Says:

    I have been looking for tool to help me with our family budget for some time. My husband and I have a variable monthly income which has led to an enourmous amount of stress when trying to manage all the expenses. I have read in detail the YNAB “rules” and really like the methodolgy and logic of this system! Problem is coming up with the money to buy it! Winning a free copy would sure help to get us on the right track!

  7. Steve F Says:

    I would really like to find a good tool to manage our money in order to get back on track. For the past 15yrs my wife has taken care of all our money woes and cannot handle another minute. I am new to taking care of bills and when trying to support a wife and 4 boys on a small income, I could use all the help I can get. Finding cash to pay our bills is hard enough, so finding software to manage it that I can afford will probably lead to poor software. The only way I can see to being able to afford such wonderful software as YNAB, is to win a copy. This would be the start to helping us manage ourselves out of the hole we have dug. Thank you for your time.

  8. Dick W Says:

    I’ve used Quicken for years and have tried to make it do what YNAB already appears to do. I’m buying a MAC as soon as the new ones are released and would like to try YNAB. Nothing else seems to fit my needs.

  9. Travis C Says:

    I have used Microsoft Money for over 3 years now. While it did the job of organizing my finances, it did little to nothing about managing my finances. I could only see where my money was being spent, not control it. I too have completed a 10 week financial study at my church and believe that this software may be just what is needed to take control of my spending habits.

  10. Jane Jordan Says:

    I have never used a budget system and I am in desperate need of one. As a 60 year old single parent that has raised 3 kids, I never had money to save. Now, I am living alone and was recently attacked by a patient. I’m having my 2nd surgery 10-21-09. I have no credit card debt; however, I do have some other significant bills and I need help desperately!! Thank you…

  11. Mark Horn Says:

    I am one of the many MS Money users left in the lurch by the Microsoft’s decision to no longer support the product. At 61 years old, I am seriously planning for retirement and am in need of a robust software program that will help me have at my finger tips the information I need accessible and summmarized info about current finances to make an informed decisions about pre- and post-retirement budgets.

  12. greg Says:

    I have to take over bills because my wife doesn’t have the time because of work. I have never been real bill savvy or worked a budget well. After looking at this software and the philosophy YNAB seems like a no brainer. With my lack of experience in this area I think this would give me the best chance to succeed at budgeting our families money.

  13. Heidi Says:

    I would love a great tool to organize my finances. I currently have my financial information in Excel and older years are in an old version of Quicken. Using excel is a lot of work to produce the kinds of reports I need. Being able to take control of my finances by transferring all that into YNAB would be awesome!!!! 🙂

  14. Ellie Anderson Says:

    I am a super busy person, that is recently married and takes care of all our our finances. I need one place to organize and be able to share with my husband, so that he can be involved in budgeting as well. I have never done an actual personal budget and feel this is the time to start a good habit!

  15. Carmen Lankford Says:

    I am a single mother, with two children. I struggle from month to month, and it seems that I can never make it work. I want to get my finances in order, and I want to pay off my credit card. I would like to actually save if it is possible, and for once, I would like to have money at the end of the month, instead of month at the end of the money!

  16. David Ganaway Says:

    I have used Microsoft Money for waaaaaaaaaaaayy too long. It has gotten me nowhere. I need YNAB to get me out of debt. I have tried almost every software package out there but nothing has helped and I keep hearing YNAB is the best. Good Luck everyone!

  17. Lora Says:

    YNAB has such a great reputation which is why I would really like to win the new software. I have tried other products such as Quicken and Microsoft Money, but both have their limitations. My husbands hours have been cut back due the the decrease in construction work. We have many bills we would like to pay off quickly as we near retirement age. YNAB would help keep us on track.

  18. Chris Says:

    We’ve been living month to month, spinning our wheels, and somehow still frantic at the last week of the month for too long. And this is on two six figure incomes!
    We have to stop this futile cycle and feel like YNAB would get us on track. Good luck everyone!

  19. al adler Says:

    i AM HAVING A PROBLEM KEEPING TABS ON MY SAVING AND I FIND IT DIFICULT TO KEEP UP TO DATE ON MY FUNDS .I need a personal finance program to keep tabs on what i have left after being take to the cleaner by so called honest banks and high priced college graduate who have taken me to the cleaner twice in the last year. I have no way of regain my losses as i am 84 and cannot return to work to recoup my losses.

  20. al adler Says:

    thank you for help

  21. Paul S Says:

    For several years, I have been soaking in the advice of popular experts on personal finance. Trying to mesh that with Microsoft Money, though, would be a feat. And, now that Microsoft has discontinued Money, and my computer has crashed, what better time to make the change to YNAB?

  22. Arlene Says:

    I’m a new mom and so I have new-found motivation to get my household’s finances in order. My husband and I find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck and after taking a really tough look at our finances this past weekend, realize that we need to start sticking to a budget if we are to have any chance of living a more comfortable life. Thanks for the opportunity to do just that.

  23. Aleksandra Says:

    Hi, I’m 25 just finished school and start working… wow it’s crazy to be working adult and wife :O I need YNAB asap 🙂 Let’s keep our fingers cross! Thank you for the opportunity to win… It’s so excited :DDDDDD

  24. Michael Says:

    My girlfriend got laid off last month, and we want a good app to help budget expenses carefully in times like this. Up to now, I’ve only tracked finances with Quicken, but never really “budgeted”. This is the time, and YNAB looks like the tool (and I’m really looking forward to YNAB3 for my MAC.

  25. Barbara Says:

    I would like to win this software because I really like the philosophy behind it. I do not have any personal financial software and I am getting to the point that I really need it. I think I would much rather use software that looks forward and helps me plan how I will spend and save rather than software which looks backwards and merely tracks how I have spent and saved.

  26. Nathaniel Lloyd Says:

    I’m looking for just such a program to replace my own rather complex spreadsheet-based system. I have gotten to the point where it has really gotten to be too much work to maintain – I enter all receipts manually, and I am not sure how well I am capturing the information. It has worked OK for me, but I really want to move onto something like this which follows the same basics and philosophy.

  27. Kelly Says:

    I would love to win this software as a newly engaged couple, we need to start tracking our finances in a comprehensive manner, In addition, we want to help his mother who is having a harder time tracking and planning for herself.

  28. Rowan Says:

    I don’t read or write too gud so this is best. Thanking you in advance.

  29. Des Says:

    I would love to get YNAB pro because, I am married with a 4 year old, a 10 month old, and another on the way. I am graduating from nursing school soon, and my husband is currently a student as well. Because of our growing family it is time for us to buy a house, but since we have never been on a real budget, it makes it that much harder for us. Our arguments about money are happening more often and in front of the kids,all because we don’t know how to budget. When I finish school our income will change drastically, and I want us to be able to handle our finances before that time comes. I’ve heard about YNAB for years, and I think it will be a great help to us.

  30. Becky Sigrest Says:

    When I graduated from nursing school I thought that having such a great job would be the answer to our financial worries. However, we have just ended up spending more money. We have four teenage boys and we need to be able to control our spending and manage a budget. I have used Quicken but found it so complicated and time consuming and it looks like YNAB may be the answer to our prayers.

  31. Erick Montero Says:

    I would like to get YNAB in order to help straight out my personal finance. I have been using Quicken for sometime but I think it fells short on the goal to really save money and not just to be an entry expenses application. I have read several good comments about this new software and I am currently reading the YNAB U 10 days course to start using the method. For now I am crossing fingers the app. allow multiple currencies accounts.

  32. Bill Gilbert Says:

    With the economy being what it is, our income has been cut by 40% And I,m living paycheck to paycheck and falling further behind each week. To top it off, my back went out, had to have surgery, and now I,m on disability, cutting my income even further. I need budget help really bad!! I,ve researched budget tools online and I like the way YNAB is set up to get you living on last months income so your always a month ahead so I can start to save for an unexpected expence (like surgery) and then maby even a vacation.Thanks for the chance to get a free copy as I, about to download the free week trial.

  33. Oscar A Says:

    I currently don’t manage my personal finances much less budget,for that reason my wife and I are where we are- In dept! On a positive, note, I’m determined to stick to a budget and take command. I would like to get YNAB in order to keep my marriage arguing and stress free. I hope get this, however, whether YNAB or not, I’m getting my finances in oder with the help of some financial software. Thanks you.

  34. Oscar A Says:

    I currently don’t manage my personal finances much less budget,for that reason my wife and I are where we are- In dept! On a positive, note, I’m determined to stick to a budget and take command. I would like to get YNAB in order to keep my marriage arguing and stress free. I hope get this, however, whether YNAB or not, I’m getting my finances in oder with the help of some financial software. Thank you.

  35. Marc-Andrew Says:

    I try to tackle my finances week to week, but I am doing it the old fashioned way, with pen and paper…lot’s of paper (not enviromently friendly) I would love to try an online program with lots of rescources to help me manage my money, but like Suze say’s (that’s Suze Orman) if you’ve got debt…DONT’T spend money. So here I am trying to win the giveaway and not spend money.

    Happy saving to all.

    and Happy Halloween

  36. Jonathan L Says:

    I have been looking for the best budgeting tool to help with my family finances and would love the opportunity for a chance to win a copy of YNAB, your #1 choice. I have a large “brady bunch” family (spouse, our kids, her kids, my kids and foster kids – 10 total) and need an effective budgeting tool to manage our limited resources. By the way, I have enjoyed reading your personal finance software reviews as you look at offerings in detail, determine their effectiveness, and give your honest assessment.

  37. Jonathan L Says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed; please count me in for one extra entry.

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