iBank 4 on Sale! $11 Off Through 2011

iBank on SaleIGG Software announced an “11-11-11” plan in which iBank 4 will be on sale for $11 off for the last 11 days of 2011. That makes the popular Mac personal finance software only $48.99. IGG software doesn’t offer discounts too often, but they seem to be in the holiday spirit so if you’ve been on the teter-totter about whether or not to buy iBank 4, now’s you’re chance to grab it a discount.

$11 Off of iBank 4 – Click here to Buy iBank for only $48.99!

iBank 4 is only sale through the end of 2011. They do offer a 30 day free trial of the software, so if you hurry, you still have time to try it out before you decide if you want to flip the bill for it. And for those of you who don’t have time to run it through its paces before December 31st, they have a 90 day guarantee, so if you buy it and decide you don’t like, you can always get your money back after trying it out for 3 months.

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