Is The YNAB Upgrade Worth It?

YNAB 4Personal financial software users are notorious for not migrating to the new version.  What can I say, we are a frugal group who maximizes every dime.  So when YNAB released their latest version this year, YNAB 4, people questioned if the move was really right for them.

Reasons to upgrade
There is a lot of different places you can go to identify the differences between YNAB 3 and YNAB 4.  Here are the things I noted:

Increased text size and window size
Apparently, a lot of you fiscally responsible people out there are “long in the tooth” so to speak.  But even if you’re not, you’ll appreciate YNAB 4’s larger font size and space dedicated to the display window.

Budget Screen Layout
An improved budget screen layout provides a better picture of the status of your monthly spending.  It is very well laid out and easy to follow.

YNABAccount Reconciliation
It is somewhat amazing to me that YNAB waited until version 4 to release this basic functionality, but it’s finally here.  Want to reconcile your account?  YNAB 4 is for you. It’s super easy.  There is a great big button you click next to each transaction that clear marks it as “CLEARED.”

Cloud sync
Arguably the biggest step in functionality that YNAB 4 delivered was providing users the ability to sync their budgets to the cloud.  YNAB now utilizes Dropbox to accomplish this, which can be easily accessed via smart phone or PC.  All the user reviews I’ve read have been very positive about this change, citing it alone as being a reason to go to the new version.  And not only can you access it from multiple points, but YNAB has designed it so your budget file can be changed from more than one point w/out any conflict.  That means you can have one person updating the YNAB budget with receipts while sitting in the parking lot after a purchase while another person at home on the PC paying bills.  No conflict.   Setting this feature up is painless.  Very cool.

Migration Process
Upgrading your budget in YNAB is extremely simple.   YNAB had their ducks in a row on that piece.
You may be interested in knowing that among the group of YNAB beta testers, most were planning on sticking to version 3 for their personal finances while doing their testing.  However, after experiencing version 4, most upgraded, many after the very first session.

ynabAs I skimmed the YNAB forums, every single one of these above functionalities were individually cited by various YNAB 4 users as being “worth it for that one thing alone.”  People love to critique and seeing how much love there is out there in this demographic of people tells me that YNAB delivered yet another winner.

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