New CommonCents 2.0 Review

commoncentsBe sure to check out my latest personal finance software review – CommonCents 2.0!

After a reader requested that I review CommonCents, I became excited to do the review because it uses the time-tested and extremely effective envelope budgeting system.

Using an envelope-style budget helps you to be accountable for every dollar received and spent throughout the month and I’ve found it to be one of the best tools to rapidly change (and improve) the way people manage their finances.

So how does the CommonCents software compare to other envelope systems available?  Read the full CommonCents 2.0 review to find out.

A Brief Summary

If you’re looking for an envelope budgeting system, CommonCents will get the job done.  The zero-based budgeting principles that it incorporates are sure to help you get on top of your finances.  CommonCents runs a little less expensive ($34.95) than other alternatives, but with the lower price tag, you also get a little bit of an inferior product.

CommonCents as a budgeting method is solid, but it lacks slightly in the areas of usability, polish, and intuitiveness.  I found a few processes in the software that could have been simplified quite a bit.  Others just needed a little more attention to detail and user experience.  Also, the look and feel of the application wasn’t my favorite (a personal preference).

They have a very generous 60-day trial, so give it a spin.  If you find that you like the interface and the way it functions, more power to you.  If not, you may want to check out some of the other envelope-based software packages available (see the comparison page for a start).

**The CommonCents Review was featured on the Carnival of Personal Finance at (with a compliment to the review, I might add).  Be sure to check one of the funnest collections of personal finance articles I’ve come across.

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