New iBank Review!


Hot off the press is a new personal finance software review: iBank.  You can see the in-depth review of iBank here.

iBank is a Mac only finance application that those Mac users out there may find useful and will definitely find very familiar.  It looks and feels like many other Mac apps (iTunes comes to mind).

While iBank claims to be the Quicken killer, I’m not totally convinced yet.  I wouldn’t mind if it did, however, since I’m not much of a fan of Quicken.  Functionally, iBank is there.  It will track your spending, let you set budget limits, analyze your spending, and even show you nifty little icons for each of your transaction in coverflow (why anyone would want to do this is beyond me).

Will it, however, revolutionize your money management? Not in my opinion.  I don’t, not like it (please excuse the double negative).  I just think there other solutions out there that are more effective (mostly in the budgeting category).

If you’re looking for something to track your spending, give it a try (there’s a free trial).  But if you’re looking for a tool that takes a truly proactive approach to your finances, I suggest you look elsewhere (you can start by checking out the comparison page).

*Update: The iBank review was featured on

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