New Review! – moneyStrands

I finished a new personal finance software review this week.  Be sure to check out the moneyStrands review.

moneystrands-reviewmoneyStrands is a new web-based personal finance app with a social aspect.  It’s widget based, which allows you to customize it to your likings quite a bit.  It’s shiny and has some good functionality.

Unfortunately, however, there isn’t much here that would make me choose it over (mostly due to the fact that it seems a bit more sluggish).

Will moneyStrands revolutionize your finances?  Not likely.  I like it for the same reasons I like Mint: it helps you get a good snapshot of your financial situation and is a good financial aggregator.

I also don‘t like it for the same reasons I don‘t like Mint: it does little to help you actively manage your finances and have a plan for your dollars.  It shows you where your money goes, but does little to help you budget for your future.

Having said that, I’m sure some will find it quite nifty and fun.

I hope you enjoy the new review!

***Update: The moneyStrands review was chosen as an Editor’s Pick (1 of only 4 picked out of more than 80 featured articles!) in the Carnival of Personal Finance #206.  A big thanks goes to Greener Pastures: Personal Finance for choosing it.

I hope that this, as well as all the other reviews, helps the readers to find the solutions that they need to better manage their finances.

*This article was featured in the Festival of Frugality Carnival.  Be sure to check it out for a ton of great finance articles.

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