New Software Review! – Buxfer

buxfer-reviewAfter having fallen behind on my goal last week of completing one software review each week, I was excited to finish the new Buxfer review early this week! If you haven’t heard of Buxfer (or even if you have) be sure to check out the new review.

Buxfer is a not-so-new (it’s been around for a while but has been gaining in popularity lately) web-based personal finance app that has some interesting features that set it apart from some of the competitors.

The most unique of which is probably the IOU tracking system that allows you to track what’s owed between friends.  As you can imagine, this comes in quite handy in the college scene.

Some of the other things that Buxfer has going for it is the fact that your bank account info (accounts, logins, passwords, etc.) are all stored offline, the improved (but still lacking) budget area, and the clean, simple interface.

They offer a free membership which may do the trick for some people.  If you’re wanting to have any kind of budget that is at all effective, you’ll likely want to upgrade your membership to the $1.79 or $2.79 per month packages.

Is it enough to give Mint the boot?  I’m not so sure, but it certainly has some neat features that Mint and others don’t have.

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