Quicken Users: Read This Before Updating to OSX Lion

I wasn’t aware of this until I received an email from Scott Becker from iBank software, but it looks as though Quicken for Mac users will need to export their data before you upgrade to the latest Mac OS (Lion). Here’s the email I received:

BEFORE UPDATING TO MAC OS X 10.7 LION: users of all versions of Quicken for Mac (prior to Quicken Essentials) MUST export their data so that they may import it to new software, whether Essentials, iBank 4, or any other app.

Updating to Lion without extricating one’s Quicken data first will mean that it is trapped in an app that won’t launch.

Please help spread the word – we’re all about helping people keep track of their finances regardless of what software they prefer, and this is something that’s going to cause a lot of grief.


~Scott Marc Becker
Marketing Director


So, for those that are still using Quicken for Mac, consider yourself warned. Be sure to export first, or you could lose a lot of previous data.

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