Reasons For Choosing YNAB Budgeting Software

save-for-rainy-dayThere are a lot of different budgeting software packages available but what are some of the reasons for choosing one over the other. Here are 14 great reasons for choosing YNAB (You Need A Budget) budgeting software.

Diversity: YNAB runs on Windows or Mac and you can sync in-between. PC at work and Mac at home? One license is all you need.

Mistake Recovery: This is new to YNAB. If you make a mistake with your budget and wish to go back in time, now you can. Revert to a past version in a single click.

Great Support: YNAB is dedicated to helping you succeed. There are free live classes, screencasts, a dedicated forum, walk-through tutorials and more there to help you.

Reconciliation Wizard: This is another new feature with YNAB. A new reconciliation wizard lets you reconcile all of your accounts with ease to make sure that YNAB and your account balances match.

Global Currencies: Besides the Dollar, YNAB supports Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Reals, Rands, and just about every other currency in the world.

Unified Account View: With all your accounts in one view, YNAB makes it easier to see all your transactions or find the specific one you’re looking for. This is a new addition.

Easy Split Transactions: When it comes to ease of entry, YNAB’s inline split-transaction entry is second to none. Set the total receipt amount and let it go.

Autosave: Autosave is another new feature. YNAB saves your budget automatically at regular intervals and also when you quit. No need to worry about losing your work.

Powerful Search Tools: Search for dates, amounts, payees, categories and more. You can combine searches to get just the results you want.

Spending Quick View: With YNAB, you can click on any ‘outflow’ amount in your budget and get a list of all the transactions that made up that number and edit them if need be.

Good Upgrade Policy: One license is good for all your computers. All minor updates are free and YNAB will never remove features just to get you to upgrade. That shows integrity.

Powerful Reporting: the new reporting engine of YNAB lets you slice and dice your financial history in a variety of ways with reports that are readable by actual humans.

Scheduled Transactions: If you have bills or paychecks on regular intervals, you can create a scheduled transaction and new transactions will be made automatically.

Notes Everywhere: Save notes for months, categories, or budget amounts in a category. Whatever you need to remember, YNAB has got your back.

I hope this list will help you decide to try YNAB. You will be amazed!


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