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you need a budget reviewSmart phones are taking over the world.  Everywhere you look, people are using their phones so much they wonder how they ever lived without them.  And the vendors who operate in the realm of personal finance software are certainly not oblivious to the trend.

Let’s take a look at YNAB (You Need A Budget).  YNAB recently released YNAB 4 and part of the package was to provide the ability to connect with a mobile app for both Android and iPhone for $5.

As of the date of this article, the latest information I could find showed that approximately 100,000,000 (that’s one hundred million) of us use a smart phone.  And the breakdown by mobile app is as follows:


you need a budget review


You need a budget reviewAt $5 a shot, YNAB isn’t making it’s fortune off it’s mobile app….yet.  Clearly it’s an investment in the future. It’s interesting to see Microsoft not only a small player, but actually trending down and losing market share. What if you are one of the estimated nearly 3.8 million users who are using a Microsoft mobile phone AND a YNAB fan?

Don’t expect to have YNAB interface with your smart phone anytime soon.  According to developers at the company, there is no plans for a windows 7 version of YNAB.  There may be a chance for a Windows 8 version to be created, but YNAB is taking a wait and see approach.  However, to get the company to move on this, “it would have to take off in a BIG way before they would make an app for it.”

Come on.  You knew you were taking a gamble when you bought a mobile phone with a Windows OS!

Listen, I feel your pain.  So if you are a YNAB user who has a Windows mobile phone, here is a handy little work around to get you by until you are vindicated and Windows 8 makes a huge splash:

  1. Setup YNAB with cloud sync which installed Drop Box
  2. Install Drop Box Viewer and Adobe Reader on your phone

Do the following steps when you make data edits on your home computer:

  1. Print the monthly budget (File | Print)
  2. Save the printable budget page as an adobe file in the drop box (Save | Adobe PDF)
  3. Select drop box folder and save the file
  4. Open the Adobe file from Drop Box Viewer on your phone when you need to see where you stand.

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