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You need a budget

paycheck-to-paycheck2You Need A Budget (YNAB) is budgeting software that will not only effectively help you stay on budget but will help you change your way of thinking as far as budgeting goes. The program is designed to help you learn to save money so that eventually, you will be living on last month’s budgeting income. That’s powerful budgeting!

When you purchase this product, you become part of the YNAB community of users. Along with all the benefits from being part of this comes the opportunity for you to join the YNAB school. Yep. You read it correctly. YNAB offers classes on how to really use this wonderful software effectively. Their teachers are success stories in themselves of how this software turned their financial worries into financial success. You can read their stories and see yourself in some of their situations. I don’t know about you, but that is encouraging to me. It always helps to know that you’re not alone in your financial struggles. And the fact that your YNAB teacher has been there, done that makes learning the ins and outs of this software more exciting.

Types of Classes Offered

When you go to the Live Classes link on the YNAB site, the first thing you will notice is that all the classes are FREE! Also, you will notice that they give you the next available class times and dates so you can plan for it.

There are several classes from which to choose. From the basics and beyond, you will find the correct class for your individual needs. Here are the ones being offered at this time.

  • Getting Started with YNAB: If you are new to YNAB, this class is for you. Here, you will be provided with a solid, in depth introduction to the YNAB Methodology. You will learn how to set up an account, customize your categories, budget your dollars, and work toward building your YNAB Buffer (one month’s income ahead).
  • Handling Credit Cards: In this class you’ll learn how credit cards are handled in YNAB. You’ll learn how to set up a credit card account, budget for prior debt, budget for new purchases, record spending and payments, and handle interest.
  • Making your Budget Work: This course will discuss how to add multiple accounts, workflow, good habits as you get started, and how to adjust your budget.
  • Improving Cash Flow with YNAB: Here you’ll learn how Rule Two (Save for a Rainy Day) and Rule Four (Live on Last Month’s Income) can improve your cash flow situation and help you save money.

Although the software is pretty easy to understand, these classes make learning the software “cake”. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.


The YNAB (You Need A Budget) Story

You need a budget

home budget softwareHave you ever wondered about how programs or companies began? I do. I am the kind of person that likes to know “the rest of the story.” With that in mind, I would like to share the story behind the YNAB budgeting software success. This software is fantastic and really helps people change their mindset of budgeting so not only do they stay on budget but they actually prosper through the process. Like most things, it started very small; actually it was a desperate attempt by one family to stay afloat during a rough financial time.

The Beginning

Julie and Jesse Mechum had recently got married and were full-time students in college. That being the case, they were broke and Jesse knew they would need to watch their spending. He started to develop a system to help them watch their expenses. As this system evolved and adjustments were made, Jesse realized that they now had a system that really helped budget their funds. He based it on four principles or rules and by using this four-rule system, he and his wife started to see that they had plenty of money (by their standards) and were even able to save a substantial portion for when Julie would stay home to be a full-time mom. Seeing how valuable this system was, the Mechums shared their knowledge with friends, family, and acquaintances, who expressed a need for having a good budget plan.

The Brainstorming

With the encouragement of seeing a real need for a budget system, Jesse started researching to see what was already out there as far as budgeting programs were concerned. What he found were programs on the market that were basically the same. With the programs, you would enter your income and projected expenses – a static budget. The Mechums used a living budget and Jesse saw that their system was uniquely powerful. (This is the main difference between YNAB and the rest of budgeting software.) Knowing this difference motivated Jesse to continue to develop their budgeting system into something that can work for anyone.

The Reality

Today, YNAB is a full-blown budgeting software enterprise, driven by a small, passionate team. As time goes by, more and more improvements are added to the system, making it one of the best budgeting software programs available. With thousands of users across the world, the Mechums hear how people are getting out of debt, saving money, and breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

So now you know “the rest of story” behind the YNAB success. If you need a budget to help you get back on track, check out YNAB. You won’t be sorry.

What Is The Secret Of YNAB?

You need a budget

There is a lot of buzz about the success of those who choose to use YNAB as their budgeting software. Reviewers and customers, alike, are amazed at how this software application really helps people get on track and stay on track concerning their personal finances. Not only do customers maintain a budget, but YNAB actually does all this while users report that they spend less time managing their money.

All the bells and whistles that YNAB features really makes it stand out from the rest but the real genius behind the method is what makes one want to take a closer look at the program. So what is the difference? YNAB uses a “buffer” fund. This fund is made up of savings that is equal to a month’s worth of personal expenses.

Buffer Fund

The concept is truly genius. YNAB gets people to focus on employing each dollar to do what it can do best instead of thinking “do I have enough?” This mentality causes people to change their way of thinking. This concept has been such a success that the software company reports that after using YNAB for one month, the median increase in net worth is $200. YNAB reports that after 9 months that number increases to $3,300. That is fascinating! It brings up the old idea that maybe there is something to the YNAB belief that the old school approach of living off estimated income is what is holding people back from realizing their financial goals. Also, if you don’t have savings to equal one month’s income, YNAB will help you get there. It does this through a four-step process.

  • Rule One: Give Every Dollar a Job (Change your mindset). When you do this, your money is being allotted to every category possible and you are in charge of the categories.
  • Rule Two: Save for a Rainy Day (Plan for the unexpected). Great concept and one in which many people fall short.
  • Rule Three: Roll with the Punches (Reality check). Great way to learn not to over-spend.
  • Rule Four: Live on Last Month’s Income (Final state). When you reach this level, you can truly say “no worries!”

It is nice to know that YNAB backs their claims with a real system. But how do you know if it really works? The best way is to check it out. There are many reviews on this software, some by customers and some by professional reviewers. The bottom line is to check it out for yourself. If you need a budget, this software may be just the ticket for you.


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