Save 15% on MoneyWell!

moneywell-icon-256I happened across the Moneywell website today and saw that they are offering a 15% discount on MoneyWell version 1.4!  For those Mac users that have been considering MoneyWell as their budget software of choice, this is a good opportunity to get a great a discount.  The discount is only available until version 1.5 is released (which is currently in open beta).

*Update: Version 1.5 has now been released so the discount is no longer available.

And in case you were wondering, you can upgrade to 1.5 for free if you purchase version 1.4 at the discount.  Also, if you want to give MoneyWell a whirl before you buy, they have a full-feature trial that you can download.  The only limitation to the trial is a 200 transaction limit, which should give plenty of time to get a feel for the application.  You can download the trial here.

For those new to MoneyWell, it uses the effective envelope budgeting method (only rather than envelopes, MoneyWell uses buckets – get it? Well = Buckets).  The software is solid and is sure to help with your finances if you use it consistently.  You can read the full MoneyWell review here.

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