Some Great Tips on Budgeting

As I was going over my personal budget this morning, I got an email saying that the Carnival of Personal  Finance #195 had kindly included my review of Moneydance.  Being that I was in the budgeting ‘zone’ and that the carnivals always supply a wealth of knowledge about personal finance and budgeting, I began to do some perusing.

What followed was a fun hour of reading and a renewed vigor and determination to better manage my finances.  If you’re also in the need for a budget pick-me-up, check out the following sites for some great tips and commentary on budgeting and personal finance.

Think Your Way to Wealth had some great Tips on Practicing Smart Personal Finance.

Art of the Coupon makes a good point about frugaility in 4 Times Being Frugal Doesn’t Pay.

In today’s troubled times, some may enjoy reading Debt Free Destiny’s Steps to Repair Your Credit Yourself.

And finally, Moolanomy has a great explanation of the famous Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball as well as solid collection of other debt snowball variations.

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