The Benefits Of The Helpful Tools Of YNAB

Budgeting Software for rainy day fundYNAB (You Need A Budget) software, and especially their new updated version YNAB 4, has created quite a buzz on the internet. According to many customers, this budgeting software has helped them reverse their debt, stay on budget, and even learn how to successfully manage their personal finances to the point where they don’t need to worry or fuss about meeting expenses. Much of this success is partly due to the wonderful tools that YNAB has to offer its customers, including:

Buffering Tool

YNAB’s buffering tool keeps you from overspending by taking what you have overspent in a certain category for that month and subtracting it from that same category for the next month’s budget. It also helps you set categories for your income, and schedules payments for any time you decide. Furthermore, the sticky note feature, an added YNAB bonus, enables you to write notes or reminders to yourself.

Reporting Tool

YNAB’s money management software has all of the reporting tools you need to help keep you on track to meet your financial goals. It helps you organize your finances and save money for those special events in your life. All reports are colorful, easy to read, and help you see where you are going and track expenses.

Archiving and Security Tools

Maintaining a secure environment is essential to anyone’s financial situation. This personal finance software provides security and peace of mind with encrypted and password-protected options in place, as well as backup and restore options.

Help and Support Tools

YNAB software has the best help and support tools that are available with money software. In fact, there are many different aspects of this feature to be explored. Under the support tab on the YNAB website, a deluge of helpful tools is available, including:

  • Quick Start Guide – This simple guide will refresh your memory regarding the functions of this personal finance software.
  • YNAB University – YNAB University is a 10-day course that you read online or download to your iPhone or iPod in an audio format.
  • Community Forums – If your questions cannot be answered anywhere else within the application’s help options (including live online classes and tutorials), the community forum is yet another tool for obtaining information.
  • Live Online Classes – Each month, new classes are scheduled throughout the week.
  • Video Tutorials – The developers of this personal finance software created video tutorials that cover all the main topics and procedures for the beginner.

These tools, along with the FAQs and User Manual, help make this software stand out from the others. You Need A Budget software will help anyone start and stay on budget.

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