The Benefits Of You Need A Budget Software

stressed womanWith this economy, practically everyone could use a little advice on budgeting. Even if you have been able to meet your bills and other expenses each month, little tips and other helps would just enhance what you already know. I recommend checking out the You Need A Budget (YNAB) website. From the get go, this website has everything you need to examine the methodology behind the software, choose classes to learn how to use the software (although it is one of the easiest to use), and look at the organizations that help promote this fabulous software, like CNN, LifeHacker, and Appstorm.

The Benefits

Stress-Free Finances: With YNAB, you will be able to get off the financial roller coaster. You can divide account balances into meaningful categories, save for longer-term goals, and quickly determine if a purchase will affect your finances adversely now and down the road. Letting the Budget interface show you what needs to happen NOW so you can handle what happens NEXT is its strong suit. The quality of your spending decisions will skyrocket and you’ll be managing your money better than you ever thought possible.

Cloud-Sync: With Cloud-Sync, you will be able to stay on budget no matter where you are. You will be able to check balances and record transactions while you are out and about with your phone. Install YNAB on as many computers as needed (work, laptop, or desktop on Windows or Mac). They all stay up to date, all the time with Cloud Sync. There’s no more guessing when it comes to spending decisions. Since your budget is always up to date, whether on your spouse’s iPhone, your Android, at home on your Mac, or at work on your PC, you’ll know in a moment whether you can make that purchases or not.

All New Interface: Of course, one of the best benefits of YNAB is their award-winning interface. You will be able to work with a fresh new interface that benefits from hundreds of design touches that create a more consistent, readable, intuitive, and efficient experience.

Money Management Made Simple: YNAB will happily import downloaded transactions in all the popular formats and it’s not a chore! In fact, most of the users spend less time managing their money than ever before because of scheduled transactions, an interface designed for fast entry, and mobile apps for entry on the go.

Yes, YNAB is the way to go. If you haven’t checked them out, you’re missing the easiest and most efficient way to budget your personal finances.


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