The Pros of YNAB

personal finance softwareYNAB (You Need A Budget) has had a lot of clamor on the internet from review websites as well as from YNAB customers. On the whole, the reviews have been very good and this budgeting software product has been endorsed by many reviewers. With that being said, here are some of the pros of YNAB personal finance software.

Pros for You Need a Budget

Compared to other personal finance software, YNAB rates 10 out of 10 in these categories.

Ease of Use – YNAB allows you to easily upload your banking information and create a new account. This information is accessible 24 hours a day via computer or iPhone. Charts that depict your expenses help you recognize where your money is going during the month. Also, when tax season comes around, all your information will be organized in one place to help ease the stress of preparing your taxes.

Banking and Bills – With the YNAB buffer tool, it’s easy to stick to your budget. The buffer tool keeps you from overspending by taking any category’s overspent amount for the month and subtracting it from that same category for the next month’s budget.


Staying organized is essential to staying on budget. This personal finance tool allows you set categories for your income and payments that can be scheduled for any time, keeping everything organized and easy to manage. This money software also features bulk categorization, which allows you to select multiple transactions and categorize all of them at once, saving you time and energy.


The sticky note feature is also very helpful. With this feature, you are able to write a note or reminder to yourself. For example, this feature is perfect for keeping track of what you bought for whom and how much you have spent on people.

Reporting – Money management software is an excellent tool to help you organize your finances and save money for those special events in your life. This money management software has all of the reporting tools you need to help keep you on track to meet your financial goals. All reports are colorful and easy to read, and many of them feature a report on the top half of the screen and a chart or graph representing those numbers on the bottom half.

These are just a few of the many benefits that await anyone who purchases YNAB software. Once you try it, you will agree that YNAB is one of the best personal finance software on the market today.

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