The Reality Of YNAB Budgeting

Budgeting Software for rainy day fundThere is a lot of hype about YNAB’s amazing budget software. The creators of YNAB have made a remarkable product that not only helps people arrive at a zero debt level but actually helps them achieve a positive balance in their account by providing a buffer of at least one month’s income ahead of monthly expenses. This is powerful budgeting.

While it does take will power to stay the course when it comes to any budgeting, YNAB does help accomplish this task by giving you the reality of over-spending. You can look at your budget any time and see exactly where you’re at. If you choose to over-spend sometimes, YNAB will make the accommodations by borrowing from other delegated monies and also show you how it will affect your next month’s budgeting totals. This is reality and as hard as it may be for people to receive that, reality helps us keep in check of our spending habits.

Actual Customer Feedback About “Reality Check”

One person who uses YNAB (call him Pete) said that using this software really helped him and his wife see how money easily went through their fingers without realizing it. He used a large home improvement purchase example and explained that large purchases seemed impossible for which to save. Without YNAB, they would either just go ahead and buy the product regardless of the consequences or give up on ever buying it. With YNAB, they created a category for home improvements and have been able to see little bits of cash being saved up toward purchasing this product. While this seems like a no brainer, most people spend little bits of cash here and there without realizing it which, if added up over time, would be able to purchase those items they want. This was a reality check for Pete and his wife and they are very happy that through YNAB, they actually changed their mindset about saving.

Another happy customer of YNAB has a similar story but his dilemma was using spending as a comfort to escape pressures from kids and family life. Through YNAB, he realized how his “comfort spending” was actually making them more uncomfortable at home by getting off the budget. Through a little effort from him and his wife, they curtailed this over-spending and learned that there are other ways to fix the little pressures from children and family life that don’t jeopardize the budget.

Through these and other examples, YNAB has helped folks recover from debt and get ahead in their person finance situation. It can also help you. Check it out at their website,, for more information.


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