Why You Need a Budget

budget software review researchHaving a budget is the best way to safeguard your hard-earned bucks from growing wings and flying away. I’m sure if many of the people who are now in foreclosure had a good budget back in 2007, they would have seen the writing on the wall and not gotten themselves into the mess that they are in today.

You Need a Budget4

However, I am not talking about just a budget; I am talking about particular software, You Need a Budget (YNAB). This software is fantastic, especially the latest version, YNAB 4. The YNAB suite of software programs includes a desktop version (for both Windows and Mac) as well as mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPod devices. It also uses the very effective “envelope” budgeting model and with this latest version, YNAB 4, come numerous improvements. Most noteworthy may be Cloud Sync, which syncs your budget data across all your computers and mobile devices. This software also helps you manage your cash flow by focusing on what most people consider the base of any financially sound household: the budget.

You see, there are many budget software packages out there but many have the budget as just one of the applications. With YNAB software, you don’t get something that tries to be all things to all people. Instead, you get a software package that does one thing, and does it well: budgeting.

Although the software is excellent, the real muscle of YNAB 4 comes from the methodology it is built around. In fact, YNAB is really more about following a method of budgeting rather than just using the software. The methodology of YNAB is built around four basic rules of cash flow.

Give every dollar a job – Simply put, it means allocating every dollar you have for the month to a specific “job.” It could mean anything from buying groceries to a night out. That is exactly what “envelope” budgeting does and YNAB 4 does it perfectly.

Save for a rainy day – The YNAB 4 program works with you in this area by helping you save little amounts each month that accumulate over time.

Roll with the punches – This happens when people overspend in one of their categories. The YNAB 4 program helps you keep within your budget and if you do overspend, it helps you compensate for that problem.

Stop living paycheck to paycheck – With the help YNAB 4, you can eventually attain this monumental feat.

The benefits of YNAB are bountiful. The four rules make it different and better than other budgeting software. YNAB 4 combines this effective methodology with quality software to produce the best budgeting system available.

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