YNAB iPhone App Now Available!

We knew that YNAB had been working on a YNAB iPhone/iPod/iPad application for a little while now, but I just got word (as did all other YNAB users) that it’s officially been approved (yesterday) by Apple and available for purchase in the iTunes store.

This is great news for all those YNAB users out there. The only thing better than using YNAB that I can think of, would be to have YNAB in your pocket at all times. With the introduction of this app, YNAB users will be able to have all their budget balances and transactions as they stand in line at the checkout counter (imagine how this will help with impulse purchase decisions).

Now I’ve played with the beta version of the app, and it was looking very nice! I’ve yet to download the official release of the app, but will do so soon and post a full review of the app here. So stick around and I’ll have the complete review of the app so you can see everything that it has to offer!

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