YNAB Reviews Take Internet by Storm

ynab reviewsYNAB is arguably the most energizing personal finance tool to hit the market since Quicken and MS Money dominated the space.  YNAB 3 was released in December 2009 and in the ensuring years, the software vendor has developed an almost cult following as evidenced by the literally hundreds of YNAB reviews.

Alright then.  So what is prompting all the YNAB reviews?

Let’s pull a couple I randomly selected from deep within Google’s pages to find out.  (fyi – none of these writers are YNAB affiliates.  Most reviewers aren’t as YNAB dramatically reduced these affiliates in 2012)

YNAB Review #1 – From creditcardassist.com

Blogger Bill Hazelton recorded this:

“…what started out as a ‘simple expense recorder’ has now evolved into a personal budgeting software application with thousands of very happy customers and media accolades from the likes of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Lifehacker and CNN, among others.


YNAB has an incredibly easy-to-use interface and also features live online training classes to get new users quickly up to speed.  The software offers an array of reporting features, including my personal favorite, the “I spend WHAT on WHAT?!” report.  With stellar customer support and their slick custom mobile applications, YNAB is an outfit that’s very clearly on the move.  While the budgeting process can be incredibly intimidating, YNAB is just the type of product and company that I would be comfortable referring to my very computer-unsavvy Mom.  (No offense Mom).”


YNAB Review #2 – From About.com

YNAB author AHappyYnabber wrote this:

“Ynab recognize there will be days that you would overspend (hopefully unintentionally: P) more than your budget, it makes up for it automatically in the budget screen by deducting from your paycheck. Therefore you do not have to manually do it.

ynab reviewsThis is just a simple example of how it’s done and there are other ways to make up in Ynab, such as having a monetary buffer system.

I believe $60 is a humble price to ask for a program which can change your financial situation even if it just means getting you on the right track.

What makes Ynab stands out I believe is the simplicity of it, the user friendly program and the great Team. You get plenty of help from the guys at Ynab and the help system have information enough to get you going.”


YNAB Review #3 – From comments section of amazon.com:

YNAB user Ted Wallace posted this:

“I’d previously used Quicken and Microsoft Money in an effort to do budgeting to no real effect. The truth is, Quicken and Money are more about having fancy checkbook registers than they are about helping you identify and conform to a budget. This is where they fail.

YNAB is straightforward and it does one thing, and one thing only — it helps you create and manage a budget. With careful record keeping, you can do the same thing YNAB does with a pen and paper, or with Excel — but the software is simple and easy-to-use and readily imports transactions (without fail) from my banking institutions.”


Budget and finance bloggers across the internet are all giving similar YNAB reviews.  In fact, I had a difficult time finding any of the YNAB reviews that weren’t glowing.  There’s a reason everyone is saying the same thing.

YNAB got it right.

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