YNAB – Taking Users by the Hand

In the world of personal finance software, the competition for buyers is fierce.  If you want to court customers, the best accounting software vendors know it isn’t enough to simply develop a quality tool – they know they have to provide quality support.

YNABEnter YNAB.  The small budgeting software package with humble beginnings has steadily grown into one of the internet’s most popular applications.  YNAB’s end user support is one of the big reasons they have been able to make that happen.  From the first moments after a newbie makes their first purchase to the seasoned user who identifies something most won’t find, YNAB has built a healthy support system for their user community.


After the purchase, customers are directed to an easy download screen.  Once downloaded, the user simply installs the software.  YNAB has done a good job of making sure key information pops up to guild the user through the installation by using conversation bubbles.  Very slick.

YNABSet up

YNAB has made set up very simple for both new and returning users by using large buttons and more conversation bubbles.  But there’s more.  YNAB has video tutorials (highly recommend) and free online classes that take you from point zero novice to YNAB expert with surprisingly little time commitment (a less is more situation).

Help Directory

I have to say, YNAB has a quality help directory.  Most help files I’ve seen are sterile and difficult to navigate.  But YNAB has compiled their help files into a fun and easy to understand format that just happens to also be extremely helpful.  And the illustrations that are interlaced throughout support the written text in a way that speeds up the assimilation of information. Visit their website for a feel for how YNAB does things differently and to see how this information is presented.

Submit a Request

YNABIn the event you do discover something that still falls outside the realm of the known, YNAB has 48 hour turn around time on support requests, many of which take place in a shorter period.

YNAB has done a bang up job of not only creating a quality product, but of building the infrastructure around it to keeps their users moving towards their personal financial goals.  With each new version YNAB has released to the public, the support has systematically improved.  More and more help is pushed into the tool itself to assist at the moment it is need and reduce the need for users to have to reference the Help Directory.

For more details on the current version of YNAB, see my extensive YNAB 4 review.

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