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home budget softwareThe new kid on the block of personal finance software is YNAB (You Need A Budget). This amazing software provides its users with a “living” budget instead of the traditional “static” budget. This means that not only do you get excellent budgeting software tools but YNAB will actually help you plan ahead and save with the intention of living on income that is one month ahead of schedule. That is the power of YNAB!

Once you purchase the software, you become very important to the YNAB team. They will do everything in their power to see that you get a good start with the program and are able to use all the benefits that come with it. They have a great support system that makes learning the software even easier.

Types of Support

The first items you see when you go to their support page are the free online classes, discussion forums, and the request support options.

  • Free Online Classes: YNAB offers a live, free introduction class (with open Q&A) that should be your first stop. Or if this is more your style, on-demand video tutorials are also offered.
  • Discussion Forums: These are the friendliest forums on the internet. Odds are someone’s traveled down a similar road like you and they’d love to help so don’t hesitate.
  • Request Support: YNAB measures their response time in hours, not days. The team stands ready to help you in any way possible.


The next items as you scroll down are the many tutorials offered for users. This is awesome! The step by step directions will help any newbie learn the ropes of YNAB. The YNAB 4 Quick Start Tutorial is a good place to start. Also, there is the YNAB Works Study Guide that can help if you are a hands-on person and prefer to have something tangible to follow. However, the study guide is an extra purchase.

In addition to the quick start tutorial, there are others that deal with specific issues. Here’s a list:

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Three Simple Steps
  • Chapter 2: Step by Step Set Up
  • Chapter 3: Top Ten Questions Asked by New YNABers
  • Chapter 4: Handling Credit Cards in YNAB
  • Chapter 5: Handling Savings in YNAB
  • Chapter 6: Importing Transactions
  • Chapter 7: Starting in Overdraft

Help Topics

To top it off, there are oodles of help topics that you can learn about. Everything from accounts, reports, and troubleshooting (just to name a few) are there at your fingertips for your benefit. Under each heading lists all the articles that you may use to educate yourself on your software.

YNAB’s support system is impressive. If you have a question for the team, check out the support page. You will find your answer!

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