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you need a budget softwareHow many times have you started a budget only to end up at the conceding in frustration, resigning to yourself to the feeling that they simply do not work?  Chances are, creating a budget was among your commitments for change last January…..and chances are it will make the list yet again this year.

Ok, so why don’t they work?

Unrealistic numbers.  It’s easy to let excitement and determination to save money drive unrealistic numbers that simply aren’t going to happen.  This can make for a frustrating day of reconciliation in a short 30 days.

Unexpected Expenses.  Even when you’re discipline is in full force, there will be disbursements due to events you didn’t foresee.  Bank on it.

Unrealized Income.  Outside of those who are salaried live the rest of society who operates on the variability of hourly or self-employed income.  And that means projects taking longer than expected, people not paying when they are suppose to having to take days off that you didn’t want to take.

And when these budget killing events take place, it’s easy to end up with concluding “why bother?”  Where do you get the money to make up for these shortfalls?  Who are these urban legends with the superhuman ability to abide by a budget? You conclude budgeting is too confining and bringing your life down and life is better without it.  Everyone has debt and it’s just a part of modern life.  It’s not that big of a deal.

If any of this sounds familiar, it is time for you to be introduced to You Need A Budget.

You Need A Budget is the most effective personal finance software.

Don’t be unduly influenced by review sites that show charts with software packages as has having more features.  What you care about is, Does It Work?

Why?  I will tell you.  Yes, You Need A Budget has the same core elements like graphs, charts, uploading of transactions just like a Quicken or MS Money, but that isn’t what makes it different.  You Need A Budget works because it has a methodology that addresses these budget killing realities.  And they have embedded this methodology into the technology.

You need a budget sofware - Four rulesLet’s take a look at this plan.

  1. Rule One – Give Every Dollar a Job  Instead of deciding to buy something based on the big (or small) pile of money in your checking account balance, you’ll decide based on a category balance.
  2. Rule Two – Save for a Rainy Day  There are no normal months. Your expenses do not occur evenly throughout the year, and if you don’t plan for the high-expense months, you’ll be in a world of hurt. Rule Two forces you to look at the larger, less-frequent expenses (car insurance, life insurance, Christmas, school tuition, VACATIONS) and break them down into monthly, manageable amounts.
  3. Rule Three – Roll With the Punches  When you overspend in a budget category for the month, roll with it!  You make and change plans all the time. If you plan a weekend beach trip with your kids, but the day turns out to be rainy and cold, do you still go to the beach?  Of course not!  When circumstances change, you change your plan. Your budget is no different. If you overspend in a category, look through your budget and move some money around. Remember, you’re the boss!
  4. Rule Four – Live on Last Month’s Income  Spend this month, what you earned last month.  How? Save enough money to go an entire month without touching your regular income. Then the next month, spend last month’s income while earning this month’s income. You’ll spend this month’s income next month

They also offer a really well done free PDF book that you can read which will give you a great feel for how it all works.

Central in the You Need A Budget approach is the living off the prior month’s income, a task that is anticipated will take several months to accomplish.  While it that objective is the most difficult, using the tool to watch savings grow makes it easier.

This methodology built into the programming is what makes You Need A Budget the most effective personal finance software package currently available. Read more on the You Need A Budget software.

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